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CAN Fund is a not for profit organization created to fill a funding gap and to give all Canadian athletes the financial support they need to train and compete for Canada. Rebecca is a past and current recipient of funding from CAN Fund, which has been essential to seeing her reach her dreams of representing her country at the highest level.


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Can Fund

Established over a century ago, GSL GM City has been providing the best new and used vehicles to the Calgary area. Along with their professional repair/maintenance services, they provide quality customer service to ensure the best purchasing process possible. GSL GM City has been proud to support Rebecca along her journey while living in Calgary.


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Rebecca Johnston has been proud to represent the CCM brand during her success as a professional athlete. CCM has been creating high-quality, intuitive equipment that becomes an extension of the athletes themselves since 1905. 


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For more than 15 years, athletes, such as Rebecca, from around the globe have trusted USANA nutritional supplements to increase their energy levels and maintain their health. USANA’s team of highly trained scientists follow Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure the safety and quality of each product, products that have been proven so safe, effective, and free of contaminants.


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Alaris has been a tremendous partner and helped fuel Rebecca Johnston’s success since the beginning of 2017. 


Alaris Royalty Corp. is an equity provider primarily for entrepreneurs looking for alternative financing that offers the opportunity to still maintain control of their company. 

To find out more about their services visit:

Alaris royalty corp.
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